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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a page kit?

It saves you so much time!  The design process and the preparation has been done for you.  We have selected the paper and matched everything for you. We have cut any intricate titles or die cuts out for you as well, again saving you time.  All you need is scissors, we recommend a trimmer, and glue and you can complete the page. 
What is a page kit?
A page kit is a 2-page 12 x 12 scrapbook layout that has been designed for you!!  It comes with a picture and detailed instructions on how to complete the 2-page layout.  You also receive the paper and embellishments that you need to complete the page as it is pictured.  It comes in a 12 x 12 clear envelope so everything is together when you need it
Is everything cut for me?

Yes, all the die cuts are cut for you!!!  NO PATTERNS!!!

Why are all the photo mats cut at 4 x 6, that doesn't leave me any room to mat my pictures?
To keep things simple and to keep cost down, we use an exact 4" x 6" (or other size) on our samples.  When creating your own page you can simply cut 1/4" off two sides of your photo giving you a perfect mat border on your photo.
Do I need any other tools?
Sometimes you may need an eyelet setter to set an eyelet or two that we have included.  Sometimes a stapler is needed to staple ribbon points to the layouts.  A circle cutter is a great tool, and can be used to cut circles when a pattern is included. 
Do I have to complete the page like it is pictured?
No, the picture we have included is just a guideline.  Mix things up, use different size photos, and design it any way you want.  Most important have fun and let your creative juices flow.
Why would I need ink?
You don't, however most of our samples use some sort of ink to highlight the pieces of the layout.  I love the look, and rarely create a page without using ink.  For me it finishes everything off nicely, but that is a personal preference.  You will find a recommendation on each layout page telling you what ink was used on that sample. 
What are the recommended products, listed on each products page?
I have linked the products that were used in making the sample on each products page.  I sell them for less than recommended retail price, so you are getting a great deal.  Here is a description of the products and why I use them:
  • I love the Ranger Distress Ink, it complements the pages perfectly.  It is a little more expensive initially, but it lasts forever.  I have had most of my ink pads for two years and they are still going strong.  You can find these inks here:  Buy Distress Inks  I also sell the fluid chalk cat's eye ink.  These are smaller and sell at a great price.  You can find them here:  Buy Fluid Chalk Ink
  • I use the Quickie Glue for gluing letters, especially skinny ones.  It is permanent if you glue while it is wet, or temporary is you glue after it has dried.  Using it in a temporary way is great if you need to figure out spacing of die cuts or letters, then add a swipe of glue and glue it down permanently.  You can find it here:  Buy Quickie Glue
  • Glue Dots are wonderful, and I love these new dispensers, I don't lose as many dots on random things sitting on my desk.  I use glue dots to adhere some of the more intricate large die cuts and letters to my pages.  You can find it here:  Glue Dots
  • E-Z Runner Permanent Tape is the adhesive I use the most.  I am constantly working on samples, which get moved around and displayed at various trade shows.  I never have a problem with anything falling off!!  You can find it here:  E-Z Runner
  • 3-D Mounting Squares are great for adding dimension to your pages.  They come in two sizes, perfect for big and little items.  You can find it here:  3-D Mounting Squares
 If you have any other questions, please email me at info@lottstoscrapabout.com